16 Must-See Arts & Crafts Studios

Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are colorful folk and no where is this more apparent than through artistic expression. This is a province full of exceptional works, artisans passionate about showcasing their creative talent. Thus, choosing 16 must-see arts & crafts studios was no easy task.

Moreover, like any island culture (particularly one on the remote North Atlantic), artisans and crafts-person’s alike are strongly swayed by their own connectivity to and affinity for natural environments.

Thus, choosing 16 must-see arts & crafts studios was no easy task. Before we begin, check out the short bio clip below on the NL craft industry. Enjoy!an inspiration creative holiday experience in Newfoundland and Labrador viewing a wood carving of man with bucket pail and women with shovel

Quidi vidi hand wrought pewter

Two dimensional and three dimensional hand wrought pewter by local metal artist Ray Cox. Remarkable and unusual bowls, vessels and wall art with original, one-of-a-kind “air cast” and “natural colour”. In addition, iridescence motifs include whales and whale tails, trees and the mummer series.

an artistic experiential holiday experience viewing a beautifully created metal alloy silver plate by Quidi Vidi Hand Wrought Pewter in Newfoundland and Labrador Canada

Newfoundland original hooked rugs

Hooked rugs are a proud NL tradition and no where is this more apparent than through Paula Flood. Original design wall fiber art hooked with 100% wool yarn. Not to mention, color, warmth and texture that vibrantly depicts our heritage, culture and everyday life.

a craft and creative cultural heritage travel holiday viewing a rug hooking depicting hearts, mummers, cactus, desert, heritage houses and stars by Newfoundland Original Hooked Rugs

Kevin coates woodcarvings

Character-rich carvings depicting outport themes (boat builders, fisherman and berry pickers) by former fisherman Kevin Coates. Carved directly into balsam fir wood harvested only from trees blown down by the wind using simple hand tools. Also figures vibrantly painted that range from eight inches to three feet in height.

a wonderful culture and heritage and experiential vacation spot to shop in NL, Canada is Kevin Coates Woodcarvings of 3 dimensional fishermen on a red shed

Natalie jewellery

An environmentally conscientious collection of handcrafted, exceptionally designed jewelry by local metal smith Natalie Austin. Moreover, a unique design element is added to each piece. Via the “upcycling process”, both found and modern materials are applied to the creative process. Above all, these abstract designs help preserve the natural heritage of the province as well as express it.

an enriching and creative travel destination in Canada viewing hand made copper jewelry artwork from Carbonear, Newfoundland

Ewe design

Traditional designs made of 100% homespun wool and fashionable, textured novelty yarns. Owner Joan Kane combines her love of fashion with rural self-sufficiency. For example, 12 women from the Trinity Bight region hand knit and embroider with pride all products in their homes. High quality male and female toques, beanies, scarves, purses and mitts are on hand.

a rural travel, off the beaten path, creative culture holiday buying hand knit, locally made and crafted wool hats from Ewe Design in Trinity, Bonavista Peninsula, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Béla simó

Contemporary sculpting influenced by simple forms of nature and the chaotic forces of the modern world. Béla works in stone, wood, metals and bronze that emulate life and movement as he speaks of the human journey. Furthermore, these are three-dimensional realist abstracts with simple lines and bold shapes. All works greatly inspired by the untouched wilderness of Canada’s north and the far reaches of NL’s east coast.

fine art travel and tourism holiday viewing sculpting artwork by Béla Simó in Clarenville, NL, Canada

Quilts by anne marie

High quality and durable knitwear and homemade quilts, wall hangings and table runners by quilter Anne Marie Ryan. As well as highly detailed work illustrating NL landscape, rural life and our rich heritage.

a wonderful place to shop on your travel vacation seeing a blanket with collage of images depicting Newfoundland and Labrador on a bed including puffins, birds, snow shoes, lighthouses, and moose by Quilts by Anne Marie in Marystown, Burin Peninsula, Canada

Salty rocks & seagirt designs

Hand crafted, hand painted, one of a kind folk art inspired by the colourful homes of NL. From the quirky row houses of St. John’s to the salt boxes and fishing stages of rural life, each one has a personality of its own. Julie Murphy’s works capture our province’s striking beauty, incredible character and exceptionally warm memories. Individually designed and sculpted out of NL rock.

cute folk art to buy on your creative culture learning vacation is multi colored jellybean row houses by Salty Rocks & Seagirt Designs in Glovertown

Carvings by clyde drew

Spectacularly sculptured works from moose and caribou antlers and whalebone. Artisan Clyde Drew’ creative works are a three-dimensional world of spirits and natural forms. Clyde is inspired by the songs and stories of his people, the Mi’kmaq nation, in and around his home community of Conne River. His medium truly conveys the beauty, the magic and the powerful imagery of the indigenous culture.

an experiential travel point of interest on your next holiday is Sculptured Works From Moose And Caribou Antlers And Whalebone by Carvings by Indigenous artist Clyde Drew of St. Albans, central Newfoundland

Jas silks

Uniquely designed silk art by acclaimed wildlife artist Jane Sasonow-White. Jane works in the water color, silk dyeing and silk screening mediums. The silk wall hangings and silk scarves are of precise detail and with subtle colour balance. Jane reveals her mastery of silk painting and her sincere appreciation and reverence for this gift we call life.

a wellness holiday and creative travel experiential destination is the Uniquely Designed Silk Art depicting Newfoundland and Labrador sea life wit fish, coral, squid and shell fish by jas SILKS of Norris Arm North in Central Newfoundland

Mealy mountain gallery

Artisan Peyton (Pete) Barrett’s passion is creating jewelry, glass art, silk art and fibre art. Her creativity comes from the land, the people and the culture. Jewelry is made from gold, silver, copper, bronze, steel and pewter. Her fiber art is often classed as “mixed media” using different techniques in cotton, silk, paint, metals and found objects.

an exceptional creative studio and shop to explore on your travels is the Jewelry, Glass, Silk And Fibre Art at Mealy Mountain Gallery in Cartwright, Labrador, Canada

King’s point pottery

KPP consists of Linda Yates and David Hayashida. A creative team collaborating on every aspect of making pottery in a rural setting. Their unique work consists of the award winning line of blue and white functional pottery with their signature “whales and waves” designs. Many of their pieces are also fired in a specialized salt/soda kiln – the first of its kind in the province. Inspiration comes from their local environment and historical research with creative interplay between form and function.

an award winning artist studio to visit on your experiential and cultural vacation trip and travel in Newfoundland is King’s Point Pottery

Urve manuel

Breathtaking glass art that presents a sense of joy. Includes sculptures, installations, leaded glass and pâte de verre (a kiln casting). Artisan Urve Manuel draws inspiration from the wilderness expanse that surrounds her. Sunrises and sunsets across ancient mountain ranges that formed from the earth’s upheavals, the depths of the saltwater, pristine rivers, clean air, dense woods and gorgeous bog-lands, all provide inspiration for her work. This is glass art that truly comes alive.

a beautiful artistic creation and studio to explore and shop at on your NL learning vacation is the Glass Station by Urve Manuel in Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland

Carvings by todd

Creatively crafted works from naturally shed moose and caribou antler. No animal is hurt in the sourcing of these materials. Artisan Todd Neil produces jewelry including necklaces, earrings and brooches. As well as intricate carvings depicting various species of NL wildlife. His work significantly illustrates the rich heritage and strength of character he has experienced since a very early age.

a creative art spot to shop on your experiential holiday is the Naturally Shed Moose And Caribou Antler by Carvings by Todd in Pasadena, Central Newfoundland

Ben’s studio

A unique style of folk art (3—d wooden picture) by nl contemporary artist Benedict Joseph Ploughman. This art is outside the mainstream. Made partly from recycled lobster trap laths, individually hand-carved characters and other sculptured pieces. Each picture has a ‘from the heart’ story to tell about rural outport NL and its people. Thinking outside the box, Benedict is helping to preserve a piece of our past for future generations.

experiential travel experience and places to shop include 3-dimensional wooden folk art by Ben’s Studio in Port Au Choix, Great Northern Peninsula, western Newfoundland and Labrador

The hands of olsen

Rick and Kathrin Evans apply only the highest of standards to their individually crafted leather and seal skin products. Many of their creatively hand-made works highlight NL’s natural environment and rich cultural heritage. The Olsens put a unique spin on artistic expression and have no boundaries. Here you will find carvings, wall art, mitts, slippers and purses.

a delightful shopping experience on any cultured travel trip is the artwork carving on leather of humpback whales in the ocean and birds flying by The Hands Of Olsen in Bay Robert’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

animal bone carving antler newfoundland