7 NL Photographers Who Dazzle Us Behind Their Lens

Capturing all that makes NL glitter is no easy task, but it is this eclectic group of 7 photographers who dazzle us behind their lens, thrilling us time and again with curious, creative, and insightful photography.

Paul Kinsman

Paul Kinsman is a musician by birth and radio host and media producer by choice. This beloved broadcaster and multi-instrumentalist from St. John’s has performed alongside countless NL artists including Ron Hynes, Barry Canning, and Alan Doyle. As a visual artist, Paul knows no limits in the photography and media production realm, with sensational, quirky shots, and creative, bold videography.

a world class cultural heritage destination to the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, city of st. john's with plane flying over and pink skies a beautiful sight to see on your holidays overlooking ocean sunrise from the narrows of st. john's harbor in Newfoundland during winter with snow capped hills and downtown a family fun filled vacation activity in Newfoundland during winter time at the loop in bannerman park in st. john's at night skating on ice around the gazebo

Paul Dolk

Dutch-born Paul Dolk is a nature photographer and videographer who calls two provinces home, Newfoundland and Friesland, Holland. Since his arrival, he has captivated us from land, sea, and sky, capturing Newfoundland’s spectacular natural habitat with dazzling brilliance. His works are proudly on display at his studio, Stage of Art, in Open Hall, during the summer months. Be sure to stop in and say hi on your eastern NL travels.

a breathtaking travel encounter, Dutch photographer Paul Dolk sitting in a boat with camera in hand in front of a massive iceberg on the northern coast of Newfoundland a beautiful marine life and eco adventure spot with humpback whale breach alongside 2 puffin birds flying away and rocky coastline of eastern Canada, Newfoundland a part of everyday eastern NL life and travels on rocky beach in front of a shed as humpback whales comes up for air

Dru Kennedy

Dru Kennedy is an action and landscape photographer based in Corner Brook on Newfoundland’s west coast. An outdoor enthusiast and avid snowboarder, he delivers electrifying photography of NL’s dramatic landscapes and heavens. Dru’s feet are planted firmly on the ground, but you will often find him looking to the stars.

a beautiful travel encounter watching northern lights (aurora borealis) shining brightly over ice coated waters and snow covered hills in western Newfoundland, Canada a wellness travel holiday stay with lights beaming from western NL community reflecting over water a hikers dream on a forested hill of lights emitting from bay of islands in western Newfoundland and Labrador

Geoff Goodyear

Geoff Goodyear, based in in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, has been involved in photography, both as a professional and as an amateur, for over 40 years. A naturalist and historian, Geoff is a helicopter pilot by trade, not a bad vantage point for a photographer. His breathtaking images capture some of Canada’s most remote regions and tell the countless stories of northern Labrador.

thrilling vacation destination overlooking Labrador's mountainous coastline and ocean unbelievable travel adventures seeing a killer whale coming up for air along Newfoundland and Labrador's coastline with an iceberg in the background an historical trip to take to dilapidated historic structures in Hebron, Nunatsiavut, Labrador, Canada

Gord Follett

Gord Follett is a landscape, seascape, cityscape, and nature photographer based in Paradise. Photography is an obsession of Gord’s and he describes himself as a “lifetime student of photography”. His exceptional, vivid photography continually explores and captures the microcosms of NL life.

beautiful travels to white Newfoundland lighthouse at night under celestial sky a beautiful spot on a trip to Bowring park in St. John's, NL at night during winter with ice frozen trees and multi colored Christmas lights an eco adventure destination to exploring rock at arches provincial park in western Newfoundland with ocean in the background

Newfie Nomad

Newfie Nomad is the dynamic duo of Wayne and Heather Bryant. Heather is a passionate photographer with a keen eye for capturing the perfect shot and Wayne is a commercial pilot with a background in digital media and design. Combining their aviation, videography and photography backgrounds, Newfie Nomad shines brightly as they capture NL’s countless gems and treasures.

an eco adventure heritage travel experience with an aerial view of western Newfoundland over a white church and steeple and water and forested hills in the background an adventure wellness vacation on a beach with waves rolling in and crashing with iceberg and blue sky in the background in western, NL, Canada a relaxing, calm holiday excursion on the grassy plains of western Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada with multi colored fishing stages, hills and water in the horizon

Darlene Stamp

Darlene Stamp of Spaniards Bay is a landscape, seascape, and architectural photographer. With unbridled enthusiasm, she captures the natural and cultural sides to outport living. Her colorful, fanciful photography can be described as Smurf Village meets Newfoundland.

a wellness travel locale at a boat tied on a wharf at sunset in Spaniards Bay, Newfoundland, Canada a cultural holiday experience viewing colorful wooden crayons tied to a white picket fence in Spaniards Bay, Newfoundland, Canada