The Iceberg Festival: A Celebration Of Newfoundland’s Northern Most Reaches

The Town of St. Anthony (population 2,418) is a splendid coastal seaport situated on the northern most reaches of the great northern peninsula. It is one of those few exceptional places on earth that truly transcends hype.

Labrador aside, St. Anthony arguably delivers the finest vantage point in all of NL for iceberg exploration. Each year thousands of these stunning beasts break away from Greenland’s glaciers and are carried along our coastline by the Labrador current.

Even the two Newfs Sebastian and Nieves cannot help but take to the water to get in on the action. Being web footed ocean swimmers doesn’t hurt. Just another day on the water for these gentle giants.

When touring the region, be sure to spend some quality time with them at the Dark Tickle Company. Learn about these amazing animals. We are so proud to call this breed our provincial dog.

To coincide with the annual migration of icebergs, St. Anthony celebrates their Iceberg Festival every June. But don’t let its name fool you, while icebergs are the focal point, this event also offers plenty of other authentic, enriching activities.

Here are but a few:

1. They Are The Stars Of The Show, So Why Not Take A Northland Discovery Boat Tour & Visit Whales, Seabirds, & Icebergs — St. Anthony

2. Learn The Ancient Art Of Brikkevev, Viking Age Tablet Weaving. Who Knows, If You Are Lucky Enough, Maybe A Viking Duel Will Ensue — Norstead Viking Village, L’anse Aux Meadows

3. Explore The Wild Berries Of Newfoundland’s Pristine Barrens (Varieties Including Bakeapple, Partridgeberry, Blueberry, Squashberry & Crowberry) On A Walking Tour At Dark Tickle Company Grounds And Building — St. Lunaire-Griquet

Learn about the dark tickle products (including jams, syrups, spreads, teas and chutneys) that are made from these hand-picked unique berries.

Be sure you also tour the on-site museum and witness the transformation process first hand at the award winning and world’s only wild berry économusée.

4. This Is Also The Land (So To Speak) Of Whales, So A Thrilling Whale Tour Along With The Icebergs Via Northland Discovery Boat Tours Is A Must — St. Anthony

5. Indulge In The Finest And Freshest Seafood In The World — At Every Turn.
a yummy food travel spot eating a Plate of deep fried Fish & Chips At The Daily Catch Restaurant, St. Lunaire-Griquet, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

6. Kick Up Your Heels With Live Local Entertainment And Traditional Newfoundland Cuisine At The Mummers Kitchen Party At Grenfell Historical Properties & Interpretation Centre — St. Anthony

Mummering is a long standing folk tradition of dressing up in disguises. No worries if you are shy, it’s not mandatory to dress up to attend the festivities.

7. Go Ocean Kayaking For Spectacular Up-Close And Personal Encounters With The Bergs And Whales.

8. St. Anthony, A Wonderful Destination For Recreational Travel.

Hike the iceberg alley boardwalk trail, an easy 30 minute jaunt along the edge of Fishing Point Park (Atlantic Ocean). This is an excellent spot to view icebergs.

9. Attend A Local Beer And Wine Tasting Event And Sample Beverages Made From Iceberg Water And Local Berries At Norseman Restaurant — L’anse Aux Meadows

10. Visit The Hooked Rug Exhibit (Hooked Mats From Quebec’s Lower North Shore). Gain An Appreciation For This Proud Craft Tradition At Grenfell Historical Properties & Interpretation Centre — St. Anthony

11. Attend The Iceberg Art Exhibit Which Showcases Our Provinces Exceptional Talent At The Norseman Art Gallery — L’anse Aux Meadows

Various mediums will be on display including metal, oil, watercolor, textiles, lino-cuts, rug hooked mats, pewter, prints, and photographs.

Artists featuring works include Christine Koch, Brenda McClellan, Sylvia Bendzsa, Gerald Squires, Derek Peddle, Lewis Greenland, Jeanne Foulds, Ray Cox, Brenda Rowe, Janet Davis, Albert Biles and Bill Bartlett.

12. Attend An Iceberg Sculpting Workshop And Be Inspired By The Delicate Crafting Process. You Will Even Get To Meet The Viking Skol — L’anse Aux Meadows

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