Emerald Zone: Land Of A Thousand Gems

The emerald zone (also known as ‘the great whale coast’) is a breathtaking area stretching 470 km (292 miles) along Newfoundland’s NW coast. It is one of the finest regions in all of NL offering outstanding landscapes, rich marine ecosystems, exceptional artists and artisans and of course a vibrantly rich cultural heritage.

This land was once occupied by a variety of indigenous groups including the Dorset Eskimos, Maritime Archaic Indians and the now extinct Beothuk Indians.

From Deer Lake International Airport, the emerald zone is a mere 95 km (60 mile) car ride, roughly an hour on the road. Situated between Notre Dame Bay (east) and White Bay (west), the emerald consists of beautifully steep, thickly wooded hills with unique ecology and ancient geology…a truly enchanting nature’s paradise.

Moreover, the emerald is located in the heart of iceberg alley and with 5,000 humpback whales that call the region home annually, it’s a truly stunning vista…front row seats to marvel at these ocean giants.

On your travels along the emerald zone, you never really know what awaits you around the corner. This was the case on December 22, 2004, when Triton’s Derwin Roberts discovered a 12 foot giant squid in badger bay. These ocean giants are the world’s largest living invertebrates and very rarely ever seen.

A distinct heritage can also be found here, a warm, colorful seafaring people shaped by their elements just as they have for centuries.

an authentic, off the beaten path, musical, wellness travel experience at Coffee Cove Seaside Retreat with accordion, fire, Newfoundland dog at dusk with ocean and rolling hills in the background in central NL Canada

10 Things Everyone Should Do When Visiting The Emerald Region

1. Get Out On The Ocean Via Boat Or Kayak For An Awe-inspiring Iceberg And Whale Encounter With White Star Tour Adventures — Springdale

2. Visit Our World Famous Whale Pavilions And Gain An Intimate Understanding Of These Gentle Giants

a) Dr. John Lien Humpback Whale Pavilion — King’s Point

b) Sperm Whale Pavilion — Triton

3. Step Back In Time At The Outport Museum & Tea Room, Have A Newfie Feed, & Experience Warm, NL Hospitality And Culture — La Scie an experiential heritage travel experience watching a Celtic Music performance at Outport Museum And Tea Room in La Scie, Newfoundland Canada4. Drop By The Award Winning King’s Point Pottery Craft Gallery & Studio For Outstanding Craft Shopping, Pottery Demonstrations & A Tour — King’s Point

5. Learn The Proud NL Craft Of Rug/Mat Hooking With Passionate Artisan Joan Foster — Emerald Zone

6. Visit The Beautiful Springdale Wetlands For A Tranquil, Relaxing Stroll In A Lush, Green Environment — Springdale

7. Enjoy A Hearty, Stick To Your Ribs Newfie Scoff & Take In Live Local Entertainment At Eddies Restaurant — South Brook

8. Explore The Region’s Rich Mining History Dating Back Almost Two Millennium — Baie Verte & Fleur De Lys

a) Take A Glimpse At Mining Life From The Late 1800′s To Present Day At The Baie Verte Miners’ Museum

A tunnel, much like a mine shaft commences your tour and features six major mines and Dorset Eskimo artifacts.

b) After Your Tour, Be Sure To Also Stop By The Lovely Dorset Craft Shop.

Here you will find a wide selection of local, handmade NL products and exceptional fine crafts.

c) Visit The Dorset Soapstone Quarry National Historic Site & Witness Where Paleo-Eskimos Mined Soapstone For Pots & Seal Oil Lamps Some 1800 Years Ago — Fleur De Lys

9. Explore The Countless World Class Hiking Trails Sprinkled Throughout The Region

Fleur de Lys — be sure to avail yourself of its 4 magnificent hiking trails (spotted point trail, hummocks trail, ocean view trail and Fleur de Lys lookout). These trail options offer varying degrees of difficulty which is nice and all deliver breathtaking panoramic views of iceberg alley and surrounding landscapes.

Rattling Brook — if you are seeking a short challenging jaunt, rattling brooking trail immediately comes to mind. This vigorous 1 km boardwalk hike leads to Rattling Brook Falls, an 800-foot waterfall. The trail overlooks spectacular Rattling Brook with its beautiful mountainous and coastal scenery.

10. Newfoundland’s Interior Is Equally Charming… So Why Not Take A Thrilling Back Country ATV/UTV Tour With Rob Clarke Motorsports & Explore Our Island’s Breathtaking Hinterland — Springdale

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