Fogo Island: The Ultimate Travel Experience

Fogo is NL’s largest island, it is about 25 km (16 miles) long and 14 km (9 miles) wide. A rugged, sub-arctic land that is home to 2,400 residents.

Fogo is also one of Newfoundland’s oldest coastal communities and a significant port that first appeared on the Bertius Map in 1606. Here you will meet a resilient people that have a special place and respect in my heart.

Not only did they reject government resettlement of the 1950s-1970s, but they survived and now prosper thanks in large part to tourism. Today, 11 charming, old-world towns dot these tranquil, rocky shores.

On Fogo Island, there exist countless adventure, cultural engagement & wellness opportunities to immerse yourself in, a true travel gem. Even the Flat Earth Society believes this rugged land to be one of earth’s four corners. Take a peek…

How To Get To Fogo Island

Getting to Fogo Island is easy! From Gander International Airport, take a 45-minute drive north on Route 330 for 83 km (52 miles) to the Farewell Ferry Terminal.

From Farewell, the ferry ride to Fogo Island is 13 km (8 miles) and takes 1 hour and 15 minutes (combined with Change Islands route) or 45 minutes (direct).

The Foodie Trail

Less than a dozen restaurants can be found on Fogo Island, but do not let this deter you. This little island offers up world class food that is an exceptionally prepared, delicious and sustainably harvested! And here seafood is king! To begin, authentic Newfoundland cuisine consists of the staples. We recommend trying all these dishes.

Where To Eat

Nicole’s Cafe – Joe Batt’s Arm

The food at Nicole’s Café is outstanding. A creative mix of modern and traditional recipes that are unique, culturally rich, locally relevant, inventive and home-style. A true collaboration among the people who fish, forage and farm!

Fogo Island Inn – Joe Batt’s Arm

Rugged, minimalist architecture, a million dollar view and out of this world culinary creations. Relaxed, fine dining at the internationally acclaimed Fogo Island Inn is a foodie experience in itself. Their menu is focused on wild things from the North Atlantic, foraged plants, and berries and local seasonal produce.

Recently Voted One Of Canada’s Best New Restaurants by enRoute Magazine, Fogo Island Inn’s innovative cuisine is taking the NL foodie scene into a whole new stratosphere!

Beaches Bar & Grill – Town Of Fogo

Another favorite spot while on the island is Beaches Bar & Grill. Down home style cooking that includes a variety of traditional ‘Stick To Your Ribs’ Newfoundland dishes and contemporary items.

Flat Earth Coffee, Cafe & Roastery – Shoal Bay

Flat Earth Coffee is the spot for fabulous coffee. Single trade and roasted, their beans are imported from various exotic locales. In addition to its outpost, they also have a canteen on the ferry. Enjoy on the crossings!

More than just a coffee shop, it is also a great place for a quick delicious lunch consisting of homemade sandwiches, soups, and decadent desserts.

And For The Insatiable Sweet Tooth…

Growlers Ice Cream Shop – Joe Batt’s Arm

Growlers Ice Cream Shop offers locally handcrafted gourmet ice cream showcasing traditional and regional flavors. Their name comes from growlers which are small chunks of iceberg common along the NE coast during late spring-early summer.

Drawing on the island’s bounty of berries, some of their decadent flavors include Partridgeberry Jam Tart, Juniper Berry Coconut and Molasses Raisin Bread, Yummy!

Cultural Living

Town Of Tilting – Population 204

A National Historic Site and Registered Heritage District, Tilting Is a surviving rare example of a once common Irish-Newfoundland cultural landscape.

While in Tilting, be sure to visit the Dwyer Premises, The Lane House, and the Old Post Office.

Town Of Fogo – Population 658

Fogo is the largest community on the island and may very well be the site of the first settlement.

While in Fogo, visits to The Bleak House, Marconi Station and Experience Fogo Site will give you a fascinating glimpse into past communication, class, and survival.

Additional Cultural Must-Sees

Marine Interpretation Centre – Seldom-Little Seldom

A step back in time to Fogo’s early commercial beginnings through merchant life. Be sure you also visit the neighboring Cod Liver Oil Factory after touring the center.

Brett House – Joe Batt’s Arm

John Brett (1851-1935) built this home in the 1870s for his wife Matilda and their nine children.

Local Artists, Residencies & Galleries

Not content with just being a foodie capital, Fogo Island has quickly established itself as a creative arts destination. Dotting their rocky shores you will discover funky artisans and artist studios.

Herring Cove Art – Joe Batt’s Arm

Young Studios – Joe Batt’s Arm

Artist Studios & Retreats


Outdoor Adventure & Exploration

Hikes & Walks

Fogo Head Trail – (5 km/3.1 mile, 1 hour, moderate)

Brimstone Head Trail – (2 km/1.2 mile, 1 hour, easy)

Lion’s Den Trail – (5 km/3.1 mile, 2 hours, moderate)

A moon-like structure of the land.

Shoal Bay

The tranquil rocky shoreline of Shoal Bay offers beautiful ocean vista hikes alongside crystal clear waters.

Exploring The High Seas

See this marvelous island ocean-side with Ketanja Boat Tours and discover our magnificent land and sea.

Places To Stay

Fogo Island Inn

Posh meets minimalist. Who wouldn’t want to stay here right?! Just you and the elements!

Quintal House B&B

3-story heritage guest home, original construction dates back to the mid-1800’s. Serene harbor front views and true outport hospitality Via Nadine, the owner.

strolling the platform to fogo island art studio
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