The ‘Irish Loop’: A Place Steeped In Legend, Lore, And History

The Irish Loop (better known as “The Loop” with the ‘locals’) is the most south-easterly region of Newfoundland and Canada. This is the place where the sun rises first over the North American continent.

The Loop is comprised of 28 historically charming, breathtaking beautiful, and highly accessible coastal communities, extending 234 kilometers (145 miles) from Bay Bulls to Holyrood, a mere 4 hour and 17 minute drive, along the southern Avalon Peninsula.

The Loop represents the heart and soul of Irish Newfoundland culture, reflecting 400+ years of Irish settlement. On your journey here, you will instantly be endeared by the region’s rich cultural heritage, and you will meet warm, fun loving Newfoundlanders with world-renowned friendliness and kindness.

Countless museums, delightfully colorful architecture, unique historic sites, and narrow, winding roads bring the past to life here, taking you back to a forgotten time. Along the way, you will explore places like Ferryland (established in 1621 under Sir George Calvert), Renews (established in 1617 by Sir Richard Whitbourne), and Trepassey (established in 1504 as a supply depot under King Henry VIII).

Stretched out along stunning coastal vistas, the Loop is also a mystical wonderland with spectacular landscapes and seascapes, and unique geological formations (heaths, gulches, and ledges). Numerous natural gems call the region home including the largest migration of humpback whales on earth, seabird colonies (some of the largest on the planet), icebergs, and woodland caribou (Canada’s most southerly herd).IRISH LOOP MAP - VINTAGEMan boating in the water at Witless Bay, Avalon region in NewfoundlandIcebergs, kayaking and ocean along NewfoundlandNewfoundland coast and a large humpback whale fin11187156_938408402849018_5105355372859365883_oWaterfall showers a man sitting in a boat on tour along the Irish Loop coast6710222767_d9f88d4044_b

Historical Points Of Interest


Colony of Avalon

The Colony of Avalon, located at Ferryland, was established by Sir George Calvert (the First Lord Baltimore who also established the U.S. State of Maryland), and is widely recognized as the best preserved early English colonial site in North America. An interpretive center, gift shop, heritage gardens, and an active archaeological dig and lab (that you can even participate in) are situated on-site.Ferryland Dig17228566095_cefec5ce55_oFive people sitting around a table being greeted by a woman in Ferryland26361073434_5773c910a3_c26898014931_261151c70e_cferryland GiftShop


Built in 1870, a 25-minute, 1.6 kilometer (1 mile), easy-moderate trail from the Colony of Avalon leads you to the lighthouse, which is beautifully situated on a peninsula jutting into the sea. The site is also home to Lighthouse Picnics, a most unique foodie experience overlooking the ocean and recognized as one of Destination Canada’s “Signature Experiences”.IMG_24447357651222_387aa63b31_cLighthouse-Picnics-Page-Bannerc120008_13rrc150005_002 Ezgi Polat


Midnight Hill and Grotto de Lourdes on Mass Rock

Situated in Renews, Grotto de Lourdes was constructed 1927, with Mass Rock and Midnight Hill tracing their history to the early 1700s. Both spots are designated Municipal Heritage Sites due to their historic, cultural, spiritual, and aesthetic values.grotto-dec-2005-005-AOB-1200x900grotto-dec-2005-001-AOB-1200x900


Murals fill the walls of this beautiful museum in Renews, that tell the story of the area’s rich history of outlaws, battles, and the defiance of its Roman Catholic settlers.69413527_2596296530393522_3635055380674904064_n(2)69464218_2596296510393524_685228647296008192_n69938197_2596296810393494_7349948297802416128_n

Holy Apostles Roman Catholic Church

Built in the 1870s, Holy Apostles Church in Renews is a Registered Heritage Structure due to its historic, architectural, and cultural value. The church is a good example of vernacular Gothic Revival style with Romanesque influences.renews-6unnamed

Cape Race


A National Historic Site of Canada and a world-famous landmark for five centuries, Cape Race Lighthouse first appeared on maps by European explorers as early as 1502. Situated on one of Canada’s busiest shipping lanes, the lighthouse is an important landfall marker for North America and contains one of the most powerful lights in the world.65106786_2483441151679061_6508032676543332352_n64805420_2483441918345651_1152935609279447040_o65043556_2483441565012353_4095693101367033856_o65283203_2483441468345696_4373684030671945728_o

Myrick Wireless Interpretive Centre

It was at 11:55PM (Newfoundland Standard Time) on April 14, 1912 at Cape Race, in a Marconi wireless station, that a 14 year old Newfoundland boy, wireless apprentice Jimmy Myrick, first received a distress signal from the doomed liner Titanic.

Today, on this site, you will find the Myrick Wireless Interpretative Centre, that includes a replica of the original Marconi marine radio station built at the same location in 1904. The replica building houses artifacts and exhibits that interpret the history of early telegraphy and wireless radio in Newfoundland, a fascinating story of cutting edge technology in the early 20th century.890285659-myrick-wireless-interpretation-centre-cape-race-newfoundland-and-labrador-museum182920297-myrick-wireless-interpretation-centre-cape-race-electron-newfoundland-and-labrador593796186-myrick-wireless-interpretation-centre-cape-race-electron-newfoundland-and-labrador

Natural Attractions

East Coast Trail

The internationally acclaimed East Coast Trail, named “One of the Best Adventure Destinations” by National Geographic in 2012, calls the Irish Loop home. Comprised of 25 wilderness paths of varying difficulty, the trail intersects more than 30 historic communities, from Topsail Beach (north) to Cappahayden (south), for a total distance of 336 kilometers (209 miles).61710307_2430197643670079_6103547697581522944_o61107769_2430198987003278_3132760681984557056_o67167787_2536939672995875_7534774935416209408_n

Provincial Parks

Chance Cove

Located near Cappahyaden, Chance Cove Park is a 5,110 acre (2,068 hectare) park which stretches from the highway’s edge to the coastline. A 6 kilometer (3.8 mile) gravel road takes you to the parking area. From here, a rugged trail (some trees blown down that you can easily climb over) leads to the coast where you can watch whales, seabirds, and seals.

Note There are no designated campsites here, however, you are permitted to camp on the parking lot in the picnic area. IMG_2642IMG_2640IMG_2638IMG_2643IMG_2668IMG_2675IMG_2687IMG_2694reg_NL-part2-008-Medium--6828

La Manche

La Manche Park, situated between the communities of Cape Broyle and Tors Cove, is nestled in the scenic La Manche Valley, with interesting and varied habitat and vegetation, as well as, diverse bird life.

The park also includes Rowsells Hill Pond, La Manche Ponds, a section of the La Manche River, waterfalls, swimming holes, and the abandoned fishing village of La Manche. A 1.25 kilometer (0.78 mile), easy-moderate, 30 minute trail leads you to the park’s highlight, a suspension bridge.

Note Visit Tourism, Culture, Industry, and Innovation for park details and NL Camping to book your campsite. Also check out this handy camp map.



Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

Situated near the Towns of Bay Bulls and Bauline East, Witless Bay Ecological Reserve is composed of four small islands that are home to North America’s largest Atlantic puffin colony, as well as, the second-largest Leach’s storm-petrel colony in the world.

Note A number of boat tour operators can be found in the area, that take you along the islands to view these magnificent colonies up close, including O’Brien’s, Gatherall’s, and Molly Bawn. Ocean kayak tours are also provided by The Outfittersimage29319094036_f3bffc3672_c26872545402_022bac2a4f_cAn Elliston dance ny two colorful Newfoundland puffins on the hillkayakkayak2

Avalon Wilderness Reserve

The Avalon Wilderness Reserve is comprised of  1,070 square kilometers (413 square miles) of pristine barrens and forests that protect the Avalon woodland caribou herd, the most southerly one in Canada. The reserve is an excellent place for numerous outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing, skiing, angling, hunting, bird watching, photography, and camping.

Note See map here.avalon.wilderness.reserve21223174MasterCape Race Woodland Caribou grazing the barrens

Mistaken Point

Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve, situated near Portugal Cove South, is NL’s 4th and newest UNESCO World Heritage Site, only designated on July 17, 2016. This 5 kilometer (3 mile) stretch of coastline is actually part of a 579-560 million year old ancient sea floor, that is home to the ediacaran fossils. See map here. Here you will walk among the oldest, complex, “early life” marine fossils found on earth. So abundant, in fact, that exposed areas, the size of tennis courts, are covered in ancient life.

Note Guided tour only, which commences at the Edge of Avalon Interpretive Centre in Portugal Cove South. A number of ancient, early life, fossils are also on display at the centre, as well as, a gift shop.Eco adventure and geological travel exploring ancient fossils at Mistaken Point UNESCO World Heritage Site in Newfoundland, CanadaAt Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve, Man and women crouching down and touching the rockA boy looking at ancient fossils at Mistaken Point UNESCO World Heritage Site in Newfoundland, Canada on an Eco adventure and geological travel exploration

The Newfoundland Pony Sanctuary

The Newfoundland pony is a mixed-breed of Irish, English, and Scottish ponies brought over beginning in 1611 by settlers seeking to tame Newfoundland’s rugged land and eke out an existence. The initial shipment consisted of Dartmoor ponies from Dartmoor England, imported by John Guy, the first Proprietary Governor of Newfoundland.

For over 400 years, they worked alongside many a Newfoundlander as they tilled land, harvested forest, and fished the ocean. Highly obedient and intelligent, the Newfoundland pony is a sweet and gentle animal. They are docile, good-tempered and easy to work with, all key factors in order to be registered by the Newfoundland Pony Society, the official organization responsible for their preservation and protection.

Today, Newfoundland ponies are primarily used for leisure and can also be found participating in horse shows. Sadly, they were brought to the brink of extinction in the 1970’s, and remain a critically endangered breed with only 400 remaining worldwide.

Thankfully, efforts are ongoing to boost their numbers. One such place is The Newfoundland Ponies of Cappahayden, located in Cappahayden, which was established to raise awareness of the pony’s plight by providing a place where they can be viewed year-round.


St. Vincent’s Beach

For land-based whale watching, there is no better place in NL than St. Vincent’s Beach. Each year humpback whales come near shore here because of deep water. Moreover, this is one of the finest beaches in the province.66405143_2503535286336314_5976637272320114688_o65976149_2503535199669656_4527118546160844800_o65893528_2503535056336337_402392552499576832_o66240238_2503534473003062_1505125637675810816_o


A plethora of wild, nutritious berries grow atop the landscape here including blueberries, bakeapples, partridgeberries, and blackberries, just to name a few. Click here for growing times, then venture the coast for a  fun, physically rewarding, berry experience.13962561_1207702135919642_1310867212754761433_nA cutting board with cloudberries on itPartridgeberries-by-Warren-Flynn-on-Flickra7f02a2d7c887f709769df902d74faa5

Additional Resources

Cultural Shopping

O’Brien’s – Bay Bulls
Gatherall’s – Bay Bulls
Running the Goat Books and Broadsides – Tors Cove
Colony of Avalon – Ferryland
Merrymeeting Art Gallery – Renews
A0A Chainsaw Carvings – Renews
Edge of Avalon Interpretive Centre – Portugal Cove South
Holyrood Pond Interpretation Centre – St. Vincent’s

Foodie Spots

The Keel – Bay Bulls
Tongue & Cheek – Bay Bulls
Irish Loop Coffee House – Witless Bay
The Captain’s Table – Mobile
Fork – Mobile
Riverside – Cape Broyle
Squid Jigger – Calvert
Bernard Kavanagh’s – Ferryland
In Da Loop – Fermeuse
Fossil Cafe – Portugal Cove South
Whale’s Tale Cafe – St. Vincent’s (at Holyrood Pond Interpretation Centre)
Claddagh Inn – St. Mary’s
The Celtic Knot – St. Mary’s
The Wilds – Salmonier Line

little bay newfoundland heritage structures, boats, stages and wharves with boat

48 Hours ‘Unplugged’ In Idyllic Rencontre East

For the curious traveler seeking that authentically enriching travel experience, look no further than Rencontre East. Situated on Newfoundland’s south coast, nestled among the magnificent coastal fjords of the Connaigre Peninsula, Rencontre (pronounced RON-CONT-ER) is an isolated fishing village that boasts just 129 residents.

Rencontre East is so remote that there are no vehicles (ATV is the preferred mode of transportation here) and their town sign says it all, “Isolated and Loving It”. But do not let their low population nor isolation fool you, this is a prospering rural community, due largely in part to Newfoundland’s growing aquaculture sector which serves as a major employer here.

Getting Here

Getting to Rencontre East is by provincial ferry only, a wonderful 1 hour and 45 minute commute from the equally beautiful community of Bay L’Argent. The ferry ride was one of the highlights of our trip as we chatted with locals and witnessed stunning coastal scenery.

harbour side at the waters edge in bay l'argent newfoundland and labrador canadamulti colored fishing shed harbour in bay l'argent Newfoundland and Labrador Canadaon the ferry departing bay l'argent newfoundland travelling enroute to rencontre eastRencontre east newfoundland town sign isolated and loving it

The Stay

Our hosts, Debbie and Paul of Rencontre East Vacation Homes, were the ultimate accommodation providers. From picking us up and dropping us off dockside at the ferry terminal to zipping us around the community on their 4×4, they were super kind, caring, and attentive. Paul’s roots are from here and we could not think of a better way to give back to this proud Newfoundland community.

Rencontre East Vacation Homes works intimately with their guests, offering a variety of tailored excursions including ‘off the grid’ tours and seafood beach ‘boil-ups’. If you are a self-directed traveler, they are equally happy to point you in the right direction.

Our stay at the Chart House, their lovingly restored heritage home overlooking a nestled bay, appropriately called Little Harbour, was nothing short of heaven. Situated waterside with an extended wharf jutting out into the bay and surrounded by green hills, fishing stages, and sheds, this stay gives you a real slice of what authentic Newfoundland life is all about.

Note For those travelers unable to truly go ‘off the grid’, no worries, your stay here comes with cable television and wi-fi/internet connection. Kayaks are also on hand for you to hop in and paddle your way out the bay.

top of the hill hike looking down over little bay harbor in newfoundland heritage travel escape to rencontre east newfoundland red heritage structures on traditional newfoundland fishing stage standing on stage looking out to harbour in rencontre east newfoundland off the grid travelstanding on fishing stage in rencontre east newfoundland and labrador canada travels little bay newfoundland heritage structures, boats, stages and wharves with boat interior of stay living room at little bay, newfoundland accommodations dining room view overlooking little bay harbour in newfoundland canada bedroom interior stay accommodations in rencontre east NL travel

Fjord Hiking

After settling in, we decided to take a back country hike to the beautiful coastal fjords, often called ‘The Other Gros Morne’ because of their similarity to the fjords of Western Newfoundland. This was an easy 30-45 minute boardwalk stroll that ran parallel with a freshwater lake. Along the way, we stopped and chatted with several fishermen who were bringing in their boats for the winter.

quirky backcountry road sign at rencontre east newfoundland and labrador canadahelicopter fly in at glacial fjords in central newfoundland travel holiday escape walking atop boardwalk along a fresh water river leading to coastal fjords back country travel hiking trail in Rencontre east NL Canadaboat in the water at glacial fjord adventure hike travelling rencontre east NL sitting cliff-side overlooking the glacial fjords at off the grid travel

Town Walkabout

An evening walkabout was also in store for us as we stroll into town. Everything about this place is beautiful, quaint and cute right down to the local stores (2 in total).

happy travel meeting the local goat on a summer evening at rencontre newfoundland dusk waterside on a wellness travel experience in rencontre east newfoundland canada hillside overlooking sunset on harbour in rencontre east newfoundland Rencontre East Newfoundland and Labrador town walkabout old fashion grocery store with wooden shelves in newfoundland and labrador canada

Saying Goodbye

Our only regret about visiting Rencontre East is that we never stayed longer. 48 hours is not nearly enough time to fully unplug and absorb what true living is really all about.

ultimate Newfoundland travel experience

Fogo Island: The Ultimate Travel Experience

Fogo Island is NL’s largest island, roughly 25 kilometers (16 miles) long and 14 kilometers (9 miles) wide. The island is also one of Newfoundland’s oldest coastal communities and a significant port that first appeared on the Bertius Map in 1606.

2,400 residents, sprinkled along 11 charming, ole world towns, call Fogo Island home. Here you will meet a resilient people that have a special place in the heart of fellow NLers. The island rejected government sponsored resettlement of the 1950s-1970s, survived, and now prosper, thanks in large part to tourism.

Here on Fogo Island, you will find countless adventure, cultural engagement, and wellness opportunities to immerse yourself in. Even the Flat Earth Society believes this rugged land to be one of earth’s four corners.

towns, communities and hiking trails to explore on your trip and visit to Fogo Island in Newfoundland, Canadaoverlooking the Town of Fogo with rocky rolling hills, charming heritage structures and ocean in background, an amazing eco adventure and wellness vacation hikePierre Bertius 1606 historical map of fogo, NL, an enriching and endearing vacationvisiting the red historic fishing structures on a couples wellness and cultural heritage holiday walking along the shore of Joe Batt's Arm, Newfoundlandviewing the green, white and pink Newfoundland Tri-Colour Flag painted on a rock in Fogo, Canada, an authentic cultural wellness travel experienceFogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada flat earth sign on an adventure travel hiking trailNewfoundland, Canada travel and tourism adventure in Fogo Island, one of the four corners of the flat earthhealthy and hiking travel adventure in Fogo, NL, Canadaan eco adventure must see spot with rugged rock green rolling landscape of FogoFogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada's multi colored heritage boats and punts with red shed atop rock on the cultural travel landscape

Getting To Fogo

Getting to Fogo Island is easy. From Gander International Airport, take a 45-minute drive north on Route 330 for 83 kilometers (52 miles) to the Farewell Ferry Terminal. From Farewell, the ferry ride to Fogo Island is 13 kilometers (8 miles) and takes 1 hour and 15 minutes (combined with Change Islands route) or 45 minutes (direct).

wellness holiday en-route to Fogo, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Foodie Trail

Less than a dozen restaurants can be found on Fogo Island, but do not let this deter you. This little island offers up world class food that is exceptionally prepared, delicious, and sustainably sourced.

A Newfoundland food travel experience, Pan Frying Toutons in a cast iron pan a cultural heritage vacation learning how cod is cut and gutted to Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Where To Eat

Nicole’s Cafe

Nicole’s Cafe, located in Joe Batt’s Arm, is outstanding with a creative mix of modern and traditional recipes that are unique, culturally rich, locally relevant, inventive, and home-style. Their menu owes to a true collaboration among the people who fish, forage, and farm here.

Fogo Island Inn

Also situated in Joe Batt’s Arm, the internationally acclaimed Fogo Island Inn offers a menu which is focused on wild things from the North Atlantic, foraged plants, berries, and local seasonal produce. Recently voted “One of Canada’s Best Restaurants” by enRoute Magazine, their innovative cuisine is taking NL’s foodie scene into a whole new stratosphere.

a delicious wellness holiday travel restaurant dining at the fogo island inn with candles lit on the table at dusk looking out to ocean from floor to ceiling windows

Beaches Bar & Grill

Beaches Bar & Grill, situated in the Town of Fogo, provides you with down home style cooking including a variety of traditional ‘stick to your ribs’ Newfoundland dishes, as well as, contemporary items.

Flat Earth Coffee, Cafe & Roastery

Flat Earth Coffee, located at Shoal Bay, is the spot for fabulous brews with single trade and roasted beans all imported from various exotic locales. More than just a coffee shop, this is a great place for a delicious lunch with homemade sandwiches, soups, and decadent desserts.

Note Flat Earth has a canteen on the ferry, so enjoy a cuppa on your crossings.

For The Insatiable Sweet Tooth

Growlers Ice Cream Shop

Growlers Ice Cream Shop in Joe Batt’s Arm offers handcrafted, gourmet ice cream that showcases traditional and regional flavors. The shop’s name comes from ‘growlers’ which are small chunks of iceberg common along the northeast coast during late spring-early summer. Drawing on the island’s bounty of berries, some of their decadent flavors include Partridgeberry Jam Tart, Juniper Berry Coconut, and Molasses Raisin Bread.

a yummy food spot to visit on your vacation at Growlers Ice Cream Shop in Joe batt's arm, NL

Cultural Living

Town Of Tilting

A National Historic Site and Registered Heritage District, Tilting (population 204) is a rare, surviving example of a once common Irish-Newfoundland cultural landscape. While here, be sure to visit Dwyer Premises, Lane House, and Old Post Office.

a historical vacation site of interest, bronze plaque commemorating the heritage and historical significance of Tilting at fogo island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Town Of Fogo

Fogo (population 658) is the largest community on the island and may be the site of its first settlement. While in Fogo, visit Bleak House, Marconi Wireless Station, and Experience Fogo Site for a fascinating glimpse into past communication, class, and survival.

Marine Interpretation Centre

Situated in Seldom, this museum is a step back in time to Fogo’s early commercial beginnings through to merchant life. Be sure to also visit the neighboring Cod Liver Oil Factory.

an ecological and historical travel must see visiting Marine Interpretation Center in Seldom-Little Seldom at Fogo, NL Canada

Brett House 

A Registered Heritage Structure, situated in Joe Batt’s Arm, John Brett (1851-1935) built this home in the 1870s for his wife Matilda and their nine children.

Artist Galleries, Residencies, And Exhibitions 

Not content with just being a foodie capital, Fogo Island has also established itself as a creative arts destination. Dotting their rocky shores, you will discover funky artisan retreats and artist studios including Herring Cove Art at Shoal Bay and Young Studios in Joe Batt’s Arm.

Herring Cove Art

Young Studios

Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada wellness creative holiday watching adam young painting a fanciful art creation of red stages on stilts at his studio

Artist Residencies

Fogo Island Arts’ international residency program provides opportunities for artists from a wide range of disciplines to live and work on Fogo Island for periods ranging from one to three months.


Selected artists participating in the Fogo Island Arts international residency program present solo exhibitions at the Fogo Island Gallery, a 1200 square foot purpose-built space located in the Fogo Island Inn.MG_1216-w

Hikes And Walks

Numerous trails traverse the island including Fogo Head Trail, Brimstone Head Trail, and Lion’s Den Trail, see full details here.

Fogo Head Trail

4 kilometer (2.5 mile) loop, 1 hour, moderate

Brimstone Head Trail

2 kilometer (1.2 mile) return, 1 hour, moderate

Lion’s Den Trail

4.8 kilometer (3 mile) loop, 2 hours, moderate

Explore The High Seas

One little known secret, you can explore this marvelous island ocean-side with Ketanja Boat Tours. Departing from Joe Batt’s Arm, this 3 hour experience takes you up close and personal with whales, icebergs, and rocky hills and islands with ketanja boat tours dockside at Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, a truly amazing wellness escape

Places To Stay

Fogo Island Inn

Posh meets minimalist. Who would not want to stay at Fogo Island Inn right? Just you and the elements.

Quintal House B&B

Quintal House, located in Joe Batt’s Arm, is a 3-story heritage guest home with original construction dating to the mid-1800’s. Serene harbor views and true outport hospitality, via Nadine, the owner, awaits you.

a wellness holiday stay at Quintal House B&B on Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

women lying down receiving a natural facial with botanical ingredients at Doctor's House & Inn Wellness spa in Green's Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, a healthy and holistic natural travel holiday experience

3 Wellness Stays Along ‘The Baccalieu’

Taking time out from the rigors of daily life are what holidays are all about and here in NL, you will experience that life-enriching one. Whether it is relaxing excursions or more active fit travel you seek, NL’s rugged terrain, endless coastlines, and fresh sea salt air alone will invigorate your spirit and re-energize your body. Relaxation, enlightenment, and tranquility are at every stage of your stay here.

Below are three wellness travel stays, situated on Newfoundland’s historic ‘Baccalieu Trail’ (along the northwest arm of the Avalon Peninsula), all within a 1-hour drive from the capital city St. John’s.BIG_PHOTO_46

Ocean Delight Cottages

Perched along the ocean’s edge in Whiteway, you will find the uber cozy and cute Ocean Delight Cottages. Each cabin is named after the delicious berries that grow here (cloudberry, partridgeberry, cranberry, and blueberry).

We stayed at The Blueberry since we brought our furry companions (one of two cottages here that are pet-friendly, which is always great). The Blueberry brought us all the comforts of home including a full kitchen, high quality beds and linens, wifi and cable television, and a complimentary supply of firewood which we made ample use of for the fire-pit.

The ocean view from the patio was pure heaven with a lookout on-site for even closer views. Come bedtime we slept like babies with the sound of ocean waves lapping in the background.

Cottages perched on hill at Whiteway, Newfoundland Sun rays shining down on ocean at Whiteway Newfoundland and Labrador

Ocean Delight Cottages II

Ocean Delight also has cabins in the nearby coastal community of Heart’s Delight-Islington. Like its sister cottages in Whiteway, these are super cozy stays with modern amenities situated on the ocean’s edge and they too are pet-friendly. Each cabin comes with a large covered patio and gorgeous ocean views from just about every window.

Coastal fire-pits are on-site as are hiking trails at your doorstep. We took a hike here and it was as serene as it was beautiful with lush green vegetation and a unique variety of coastal rock formations.

Ocean Delight Cottages in Heart's Delight-Islington, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, a relaxation rural travel stay holiday living room with electric fireplace, flat screen TV, blue couch and chesterfield at Ocean Delight Cottages in Heart's Delight-Islington, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, a wellness holiday accommodations kitchen and dining room with hardwood floors and white wooden cupboards at Ocean Delight Cottages in Heart's Delight-Islington, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, a lovely travel escape A hiking travel adventure exploring the rocky, green ocean shore and coastline from Ocean Delight Cottages in Heart's Delight-Islington, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Doctor’s House Inn & Spa 

Situated in Green’s Harbour, on 140 acres of gorgeous coastal property (including 2,000 feet of ocean frontage overlooking the crystal clear waters of Trinity Bay), you will find Doctor’s House. This architectural gem, an elegant Tudor mansion, was initially built over 50 years ago by an Irish doctor as a private retreat for his wife.

Only in its 6th year of operation, Doctor’s House is one of the finest wellness destinations in the country. More than just a wellness retreat, it is the ideal spot for corporate retreats, working holidays, you name it. This magical, tranquil expanse and rich, green oasis has earned countless accolades to date, including:

  • Voted #2 by Air Canada enRoute Magazine “Must-See Places”
  • Named “Top 10 Seaside Resort” by MSN Travel
  • Voted “#1 Wedding Destination” by Consumer Choice

Proprietor Jerry Byrne took us on an extensive tour of this magnificent property. He is as modest as he is gracious which permeates all aspects of Doctor’s House.

gravel road leading to ocean coastal sunset at dusk in green's harbour, Newfoundland Canada, a breathtaking magical wellness holiday destination aerial view of The Doctor's House Inn & Spa, Green's Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador, surrounded by green forest and rolling hills landscape, a magical holiday accommodations welcoming us on our travel visit is the Owner of The Doctor's House Inn & Spa, Green's Harbour, NL a relaxing travel vacation starts here at back white facade under a canopy of trees at The Doctor's House Inn & Spa, Green's Harbour

The Rooms

A night’s stay in one of the Doctor’s House bedrooms is pure heaven, with 14 luxurious rooms that are spacious and brightly lit with stunning ground views. A lovely guesthouse is also available for rental. Lovely artwork adorns the walls by an endless list of well-esteemed NL artists the likes of Leona Ottenheimer, Gary Kennedy, Sarah Fletcher, and Scott Goudie. Everything about this place is warm and welcoming from the complimentary chocolates right down to the guest robes and slippers.

holiday heaven at four pillar bed post at The Doctor's House Inn & Spa, Green's Harbour, NL the ideal retreat for business travelers is The Doctor's House Inn & Spa, Green's Harbour, NL

The Grounds

A breathtaking variety of flower gardens, plants, vegetation, and trees cover the landscape here, many of which are not even native to Newfoundland. Countless gorgeous maple trees can be found here and Doctor’s House is also all about sustainability, with the harvesting of maple syrup.

From secret gardens to watering holes and eagles nests, this place seems more sub-tropical than a sub-arctic island situated in the northwest Atlantic Ocean. Doctor’s House takes full advantage of its exceptional beauty by hosting the annual Alice’s Tea Party, a take on the Alice in Wonderland theme with full costumes and artist exhibition.

For the adventure enthusiast, three groomed hiking trails are situated on the property, including the oldest known trail in Newfoundland called Crout’s Way, dating to 1612. Crout’s Way Trail is a 1-day wilderness hike from Drogheda to Hopeall that retraces the path cut by John Guy’s colonists as part of an attempt to make contact and establish trade with the Beothuk Indians.

Doctor’s House also intends on becoming a year-round operation, with plans for cross country skiing, snow shoeing, and construction of a natural skating rink. We can not think of a more ideal locale for a Newfoundland winter wonderland.

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The Farm

Family fun is also in abundance at Doctor’s House with their animal farm that includes chickens, ducks, goats, and the highlight, Newfoundland Ponies. These gentle giants are a critically endangered species (only 400 remaining throughout the world), so to get up and close with them is a real honor.

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Spa Time

From pedicures and manicures to massages, facials and even hair and makeup services, guests at the Doctor’s House spa receive the royal treatment. Featuring pure botanical products, this is a true spa designed with your well-being in mind. After your session, you receive an organic drink to enjoy on their private spa deck which also connects to the lounge deck and hot tub.

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Weddings & Receptions

If there is one thing that has put the Doctor’s House on the map it is their weddings, which include horse drawn carriage, the wedding garden, and for the bride and groom, complimentary Newfoundland art.

Receptions and banquets take place at Doctor’s House Barn Loft which was once a fully operational two-story barn, now a gorgeous venue that defines rustic elegance. The Barn Loft provides banquet seating for up to 180 guests and cocktail reception for up to 360 guests.

Architecturally, the Barn Loft is a gem with a traditional arched exposed beam ceiling modeled after the hull of a ship turned upside down. This large open concept with authentic barn board floors and big windows provides breathtaking views of both Trinity Bay and its surrounding green meadows.

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