“A Mystical Wonderland Steeped In Legend, Lore, & History”

The Avalon Peninsula strongly reflects 400+ years of English and Irish settlement. It is here that you will discover the enchanting, bustling city of St. John’s. Our colourful provincial capital and the oldest English-founded city in North America.

The Avalon boasts a thriving art, foodie, and entertainment scene as well as an abundance of delightful architecture. Here you will instantly be endeared by our island’s rich culture and heritage.

All parts of the region are a mere 2-hour drive from the capital city. On your journey, you will meet warm, fun loving Newfoundlanders with world renown friendliness and kindness.

Countless museums, historic sites and narrow, winding roads are to be explored here. They bring the past to life and take you back to a forgotten time.

Along the way, you will discover places like Ferryland (founded 1621 by Lord Baltimore). As well as Placentia (Plaisance, Newfoundland’s French capital established 1662). Finally, Cupids (Cupers Cove, the first English settlement in Canada established by John Guy in 1610). Also believed to be the site of the first child born of European parents on the continent.

Moreover, stretched out along stunning coastal vistas, Avalon delivers countless natural gems such as whales and seabird colonies (some of the largest on the planet). As well as icebergs and woodland caribou (the world’s most southerly herd).

Also awaiting your discovery are ecological reserves, the magnificent East Coast Trail and Mistaken Point, A UNESCO World Heritage Site home to some of the oldest and rarest ‘early life’ marine fossils on earth.

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Places You’ll Visit

Experiences To Cherish

The Kitchen Party

A 2-hour musical getaway inside an ole-fashion kitchen in the heart of Newfoundland’s Irish Loop. This is an exclusive and intimate setting where you will also be encouraged to share your talents. So bring along a tune or a story. A song session that is both engaging and entertaining. This is your taste of authentic Newfoundland life on its Gaelic southern shore. An alcohol-free, family friendly event.

Nl’s French Capital

Stand where the fate of North America hung in the balance. Imagine cannons and muskets blazing as British and French forces battled along Newfoundland’s shores and hilltops for control of our lucrative ‘global’ fishery. At this stone fort standing sentinel perched over a picturesque seaside town, you will explore a significant chapter of world history that determined the destiny of a continent.

Shades Of The Past

The ultimate guided museum experience that includes a one-room school house, general store, blacksmith shop and photo museum. Includes an extensive, thirty-year collection of artifacts to explore that recapture a Newfoundland way of life that once was. A walking tour experience that will leave you fascinated by the creativity and resilience our island people have long been famous for.

English Canada’s birth

Your state-of-art interactive museum experience. Shines light on the rich historical and cultural story of Canada’s first English-speaking settlement colony. Also tour the nearby 17th Century plantation site where it all began and witness an active archaeological dig that continues to reveal more and more about the lives of Canada’s first English settlers.

Meeting Nl’s Pony

The Newfoundland Pony is a critically endangered breed with only 400 remaining throughout the world. Highly obedient and intelligent, they are a sweet and gentle animal. For over 400 years, they played an integral role in building and sustaining our province. On your visit to the pony sanctuary, you will learn about their history and their importance, and interact with them.

Hanging With ‘Locals’

The best of Newfoundland hospitality and music at one of its finest venues. A super looking old style pub and popular gathering place for locals. Lots of colourful characters with awesome local entertainers performing and open mic sessions between sets. A unique creative and cultural experience that exposes you to up and coming artists and your very own chance to shine.

Theatre Shakespeare Style

An outstanding classic, community theatre experience inside an intimate and beautiful performance venue, an Elizabethan playhouse that is modeled after Shakespeare’s famous open air Globe theatre in London, England. It is here that some of Newfoundland’s top actors push the boundaries and tell colorful tales. Your perfect spot to explore that special connection we as island people have through our language and culture.

Incubator Shopping

Situated inside a beautiful building atop a wharf housing several studios. Here you will meet passionate, local artisans in their creative element. Additionally, a diverse range of mediums are made here from textiles to ceramic and print-making. Your rare insight into how our craftspeople create one-of-a-kind works. A wonderful, personalized shopping experience enriched by the opportunity to chat with its makers.

All Around the Table

Your visit to a heritage house coffee and tea room. Not only in a cozy, intimate setting but where you can also enjoy great company and food with locals and tourists. Including delightful home cooked meals prepared on-site with fresh, locally-sourced veggies from a community garden. Situated in a beautiful rural setting with walking trails, babbling stream and a scenic waterfall. Furthermore, store loft museum situated on-site with artifacts, local history, folklore and gift shop.

Seeking Out ‘Blue Ghosts’

Catch a thrill and encounter sharks up-close on an award-winning marine eco-tour. Help find, tag, and release these amazing creatures. As well as become a global citizen scientist! The data you collect here will be provided to Canada’s Shark Research Laboratory. Not only a boat tour, but you will also learn about Newfoundland’s amazing ecological and natural environments. All the while playing an integral role in conservation efforts.

Bazaar Extraordinaire

Step inside NL’s largest farmers market showcasing only local products all hand made, baked or grown right here. Browse veggies, meats, flowers, specialty bakeries, preserves, international and local foods, art, jewellery, clothing, crafts and much more. You will also enjoy a delicious meal to local entertainment. Above all, a fantastic hangout for tourists and locals alike. This place is just bursting with countless examples of cultural pride.

19th Century Dining

Warm, inviting digs inside a world-class, 160 year old, heritage building. Spectacular hand carved stone and woodwork. Your rustic, but casually elegant dining experience. Also fireplace, period staircase and glittering, elegant chandeliers, all imported from Europe. Furthermore, delicious gastro-pub fare locally-sourced is on the menu. Finally, live local entertainment featuring traditional music complements your night out.

Birding Bonanza

One of Newfoundland’s major seabird colonies. Surrounded by spectacular cliffs and home to 70,000+ nesting birds that are mere metres away from you. The stars of the show here are, of course, the beautiful Northern Gannets and Black-legged Kittiwakes. Site is reached by a 1-km footpath through open meadows of beautiful sub-arctic tundra. Also watch whale spouts from the ocean below. Definitely your surreal and magical ecological experience.

Where Life Began

Guided tour to 5 km stretch of coastline that is actually an ancient sea floor. Also home to the oldest known large fossils on earth (dating back 580-560 million years ago). Get up close and touch these complex life fossils. So abundant, in fact, that exposed areas, the size of tennis courts, are covered in ancient life. A 3 km hike over relatively easy terrain shall lead you to this ecological wonder. Overall, the ultimate rock hound experience.

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