“A Distinct, Visually Breathtaking Region At The Heart Of It All”

Geographical and regional outline of Central Newfoundland, CanadaCentral Newfoundland stretches 330 kilometers (205 miles) from Twillingate Islands in the north to Harbour Breton on its southcoast. The region follows, in part, the traditional Beothuk and Mi’kmaq seasonal routes between the interior and the coast.

Central offers stunning coastlines, gorgeous bays, charming lakes, teeming rivers, and fabulous fjords. The region is also composed of complex geology beneath steep, thickly wooded hills of spruce, birch, and pine, which delivers spectacular iceberg viewing alongside 5,000 humpback whales that call the Notre Dame Bay region home.

A unique way of life is to be experienced here, one based on the sea as it has continued to be for centuries. On your Central travels, you will be amazed how little things have changed. Here small clapboard houses hug the rocks of countless bays and inlets, wharves and fishing premises line the shores, and fishing boats wait at anchor in the harbours.

Central was once occupied by many indigenous groups such as Dorset Eskimos, Maritime Archaic Indians, and the now extinct Beothuk Indians. During the 19th century, logging, mining, and fishing attracted many different nationalities to the area. The indigenous Mi’kmaq predate them and remain a flourishing cultural force here.

While visiting this untouched beauty, provincial ferry service is the popular commute to hop-scotch along remote, scenic coastal communities.

  • Human scale models of Beothuk Indigenous peoples and boat

Places To Visit

Experiences To Cherish

Doorstep To The Past

Discover what life was like in outport NL of the 1940’s at this beautiful mid-century, heritage home containing +600 artifacts and antiques. Delicious homemade foods and desserts are prepared on-site and served in historic tea-room overlooking harbour, wharves, and boats. Includes music, entertainment, impromptu ‘jam’ sessions, and gregarious storytelling.

Classy Works

Exceptional shopping at an award-winning shop home to the only salt/soda ware in NL. One of a kind works here from +365 different artisans including pottery, glazes, shell and stone, glass, wood carvings, pewter, and Labradorite. Create your very own bowl on the potter’s wheel. You build it and decorate it and they will glaze it, fire it, and ship it to you.

Mighty Mammals

Visit the world’s largest reconstruction of a Humpback whale that includes informative displays and interpretive panels. These intelligent, 50-foot long, 40 something ton amazing creatures travel all the way to the north Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Sea. Learn how this massive angel of the sea came to be situated in this central NL pavilion.

Miawpukek Powwow

Join Mi’kmaq leaders to celebrate their traditions, culture, and spiritualism at NL’s only recognized reserve. Includes cultural demonstrations, medicinal walks, traditional dance, chant and drummers, sacred ceremonies, sunrise and sweat lodge events, feasts and handmade native arts and crafts for purchase. An alcohol free event and grounds.

South Coast Party

The shed is a NL institution, symbolizing part of who they are as a cultural nation. Through local storytelling and music, you will attend one and learn how the button accordion has become a mainstay here. You will also try your hand at using an authentic Newfoundland musical instrument called the ‘Ugly Stick’. Delicious local cuisine also on hand to sample.

Picnic In History

A delicious lunch prepared only of local recipes, desserts, and home baked bread, accompanied by a choice of fillings, pickles, and relishes. Includes boat trip to a remote ‘resettled’ community to experience the history of an out-port fishing culture. Foodie adventure comes with a Newfoundland tartan blanket and books so you can enjoy your meal.

Native Archaeology

Your visit to a large, well-preserved prehistoric soapstone quarry with over 1,000 removal scars brilliantly preserved in the main exposed outcrop. Here Dorset Paleo-Eskimos mined vessel carvings (pots, bowls, and oil lamps) some 1,800 years ago. The only known soapstone outcrop of its kind in the entire northern hemisphere and one of only a few in the world. 

Conserving Exploits

An eco-interpretive centre on the Exploits River for history, biology, ecology, and habitat of Atlantic Salmon. Home to North America’s largest salmon enhancement project, that includes underwater windows and outdoor observation area to watch these amazing fish swim upstream, jump, and manipulate a ladder to reach their spawning habitat.

A Taste Of Nl

Lunch hour musical entertainment from great local talent in a historic setting. Includes delicious meal. On-site museum tells NL’s unique story in logging, wars, pioneering women, doctors, railway, and coastal boats. Quality craft store onsite with fine handmade creations including jewellery (Labradorite), glass, quilts, knitted goods, art, and preserves.

Hook A Rug

Rug hooking is a centuries old, favourite NL pastime that was practised during the long winter months. Early mats were made of retired clothing as essential floor coverings. Today, they are made of yarn for decorative wall-hangings. Led by an award winning rug hooker, create your very own cultural masterpiece.

A Fisher’s Life

An intimate glimpse into life of an early 20th Century fisher. An award-winning, interactive heritage centre with a 100+ year old store, net loft, fishing stages, flakes and the largest collection of fishing artifacts in NL with cod trap displays, dragger models, and the only Sei whale skeleton in Canada. Cod splitting, lobster pot hauling, and fishing excursions available too.

Continents Collide

A 400-million year old fault line where the ancient continents of North America, Europe and Africa collided, then broke apart. Still visible to the eye today, a series of steps with interpretive panels leads to the lookout. This 200 to 500 metre wide geological marvel is a fascinating reminder in the process of plate tectonics.

Secrets Underneath

Walk atop a 488-444 million year old volcanic formation. This Middle Ordovician deposit is a 1-kilometer thick scattering of glacier rock and black fossilized lava along the coastline. Popular spot with ‘locals’ to picnic, hike and pick the abundance of wild flowers and berries. A beautifully serene and geologically wild slice of NL’s coastline.

Star Light, Star Bright

Take part in spectacular celestial viewing at an observatory and a viewing platform for secondary telescopes. Nestled in a small cove with clear air and minimal light pollution. Meet a local amateur astronomer who will share his vast knowledge and show you how to navigate the constellations and locate their hidden secrets.

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