Central is a visually breathtaking touring region following, in part, the traditional Beothuk and Mi’kmaq seasonal routes between the interior and the coast.

Stretching 330 km (205 miles) from Twillingate Islands in the north, to Harbour Breton on the south coast, here stunning coastlines, gorgeous bays, charming lakes, teeming rivers and fabulous fjords await you.

Central is also composed of complex geology beneath steep, thickly wooded hills of spruce, birch, and pine. The region delivers spectacular iceberg viewing too alongside 5,000 humpback whales that call Notre Dame Bay home.

A distinct way of life is to be experienced here also, one based on the sea, as it has continued to be for centuries. On your Central Newfoundland travels, you will be amazed how little things have changed, how down to earth our people are and how close to the sea life really is.

Here small clapboard houses hug the rocks of countless bays and inlets. Wharves and fishing premises line the shore, while fishing boats wait at anchor in the harbours.

Central was once occupied by many indigenous groups including Dorset Eskimos, Maritime Archaic Indians, and the now extinct Beothuk Indians.

During the 19th century, logging, mining, and fishing attracted many different nationalities to the area. The indigenous Mi’kmaq predate them and remain a flourishing cultural force here.

While visiting this untouched beauty, provincial ferry service is the popular commute for you to hop-scotch along remote, scenic coastal communities!

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