Eastern Newfoundland is a treasure that is certain to take you through time, myth and legend.

The name ‘Bonavista’, for example, means ‘Happy View’ in Latin and it’s believed Italian explorer Giovanni Caboto (Anglicized John Cabot) stated “O buono vista” on the deck of his ship The Matthew when he arrived here in 1497.

Eastern winds 380 km (236 miles) from Cape Bonavista in the north, to the Burin Peninsula in the south. The charming villages located here once rivalled the City of St. John’s as the fishing capital of North America. Today they rival any spot in the world with their simple, old-world beauty.

The region maintains countless historical, architectural and cultural attractions and expresses a true ‘out-port’ lifestyle our island people have long been known for.

On your journey here, you will meet honest, friendly folk and experience a rich seafaring heritage that, in many respects, remains unchanged since their arrival on these shores over five centuries ago. This is particularly evident in the countless museums which document the development of the techniques and tools of the fishing trade.

Eastern is also a seascape of natural wonders and stunning scenery, including quaint islands, sheltered coves, endless coastline, marvellous sandy beaches and bright, blue waters.

Much of the region lies within ‘Iceberg Alley’ and provides you with a front row seat to countless species of whales. Here you will get up close and personal with these sensational ocean mammoths!

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