Known as ‘The Big Land’, Labrador is the mainland portion of our province that extends from the Strait of Belle Isle in the south to Cape Chidley in the far north.

At 405,720 sq. km (156,649 miles sq.), it is one of the last great wilderness bastions on the planet. Here, the air is clean, the water clear and pure, and the people equally unspoiled.

A trip to Labrador is not your run of the mill vacation, it is an epic adventure for the ages. This is an untamed, dramatic, even ancient land where outdoor aficionados can indulge in their passion.

Majestic mountains, huge lakes, teeming rivers of fish that flow forever, magical northern lights, abundant wildlife (including polar bears) and sensational coastlines await your discovery as well as icebergs, whales and unusual plants and geology at every step.

Here you will also walk in the footsteps of early mariners and many ancient, indigenous groups who long predate them (including the oldest documented site of prehistoric occupation dating +9,000 years).

The story of the early European presence is also on display here including Red Bay where archaeologists have uncovered a 16th Century Basque whaling station.

Today, Labrador is primarily dotted with coastal settlements inhabited mostly by descendants of fishermen who arrived +200 years ago.

Three aboriginal groups (Innu, Inuit, and Métis) have been here for thousands of years and remain a thriving cultural force in the region.

On your journey here, you will immediately be immersed in the local traditions and folklore of these authentic, resilient peoples whose character and culture are rooted in deep, spiritual relationships with the land, sea and sky!

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