“A Culturally Enriching, Epic Adventure For The Ages”

Known as ‘The Big Land’, Labrador is the mainland portion of NL that extends from the Strait of Belle Isle in the south to Cape Chidley in the far north. At 405,720 square kilometers (156,649 square miles), it is one of the last great wilderness bastions on the planet. Here the air is clean, the water clear and pure, and the people equally unspoiled.

A trip to Labrador is not your routine vacation but an epic adventure for the ages, this is an untamed, dramatic, even ancient land where outdoor aficionados can indulge in their true passion. Here you will encounter majestic mountains, huge lakes, teeming rivers of fish, and the magical northern lights, not to mention, icebergs, whales, abundant wildlife (including polar bears), coastlines, and unusual plants and geology at every step.

You will also walk in the footsteps of early mariners and many ancient, indigenous groups who long predate them including the oldest documented site of prehistoric occupation dating +9,000 years. Early European presence is on display here too including Red Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where archaeologists have uncovered a 16th Century Basque whaling station.

Today, Labrador is dotted with coastal settlements inhabited primarily by descendants of European fishermen who arrived here +200 years ago. Three aboriginal groups (Innu, Inuit, and Métis) have been here for thousands of years and also remain a thriving cultural force in the region.

On your Labrador journey, you will immediately be immersed in the local traditions and folklore of authentic, resilient peoples whose character and culture are rooted in deep, spiritual relationships with the land, sea, and sky.

  • Holding catch in the water by a woman fisher

Places To Visit

geographical map of labrador towns and communities to explore

Experiences To Cherish

going ‘off the grid’

Boat voyage to heritage properties on nearshore island with structures, walkways, work areas, and +500 artifacts illustrating fishery life of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Here you are without modern distractions: no street lights, cars or paved roads. Your stay, a centuries-old home with dramatic skies, ocean vistas, icebergs, whales, and arctic vegetation. 

Labrador’s Peoples

Interpretation centre and heritage museum in historic facilities. Voice, works of art, artifacts, recreations, and exhibits narrate the history of central Labrador and its four peoples: the Innu, Inuit, Métis, and settlers. Onsite craft shop with local creations including carvings, knitwear, moccasins, and Innu Tea-Dolls. Adjacent tea room offering light meals.

A Lightkeeper’s life

Atop limestone cliffs sits one of Canada’s tallest and most historic lighthouses. Extensive exhibits with original and period furnishings. 132 steps to the top offers panoramic views for watching icebergs, whales, and dolphins. Includes a light lunch or a full-course evening dinner and a guided 10 minute walk to nearby shipwreck.

Paddles & Stories

Nearshore guided kayaking/folklore tour of south Labrador along historic Inuit food/trade paddling route. Situated on doorstep of Wonderstrand, a 56 kilometer (35 mile) beach and Mealy Mountains. Natural wonders to take in include minke whales, icebergs, ocean flora, caribou, seals, and birds like gannets, puffins, and terns. Includes sandy shore pit-stop for light snack.

Footsteps Of The Inuit

A 9 kilometer (5.6 mile) boardwalk, the longest in the world, which leads to an active archaeological dig of an 18th Century Inuit site. Nestled in a sheltered cove consisting of three multi-family, semi-subterranean sod huts. Part of the long-distance, coastal trade network that extended as far south as the United States eastern seaboard. 

Moravian Presence

Step inside this Moravian mission complex and settlement dating 1782, the oldest wooden structures in NL. 7 buildings (residence, storehouse, workshop, church, and graveyard) with unique architecture influenced by Central and Eastern European vernacular style. Centre onsite with three levels of artifacts and written materials from the late 1700’s.

Engineering Feats

Guided tour inside one of the world’s biggest underground hydroelectric power generating stations. Constructed between 1967-1971, it was, at its time, the largest civil engineering project undertaken in North America. Features 11 turbines and a 5,428 megawatt generating capacity to harnesses power from a drainage basin larger than Nova Scotia.

Cultural Adventures

Guided workshop and camping retreat to remote island surrounded by rocky beaches, fresh ocean air, and wild berry covered hills. Hands-on instruction by local artisan in ring making, silver and metal clay, mat and rug hooking, embroidery, and recycled glass. All camping gear, meals, jewelry tools, and supplies provided by your guide.

Pieces of Labrador

A unique shopping experience inside a beautiful old building. Browse a large selection of high quality, local handmade products including sealskin, Labradorite jewellery, indigenous carvings in soapstone and bone, moccasins, and knitted goods. Local frozen food products also available such as arctic char, shrimp, cod, and wild red berries.

Fishing For The Ages

Remote salmon fishing trip on Labrador’s fifth largest river, one of the biggest salmon producing rivers in North America. Situated at the base of Mealy Mountains National Park surrounded by scenery and native wildlife. All food, cabin accommodations, boats, motors, and the services of a licensed fishing guide are provided. 

80 Years Basque

Earliest, most comprehensive and best preserved archaeology site of a 16th century Basque whaling station. Tour begins on nearshore island with burial grounds, ovens to render whale fat into oil, and cooperages. Nearby visitor centre with large collection of artifacts like household items, tools, weapons, and an ‘chalupa’ whaling boat from the 1500s.

21st Century Fishing

A dynamic, hands-on experience in scallop farming with boat cruise to an aquaculture barge in a picturesque bay to learn scallop growing and processing methods. Accompanied by land tour to demonstration warehouse with informative panels and touch tank of scallops and other species. Includes seafood boil-up of scallops paired with wine.

Them Days

Meet an iconic magazine publisher who is preserving the rich stories, history, and traditions of Labrador. An extensive collection of archives (photo, audio tape, and written) by Inuit, Innu, and settlers who have fished and hunted here. Includes guided tour of historic community and sit down with elders who share stories and experiences from yesteryear.

Dining With ‘Locals’

Unwind at a favourite foodie spot of Labradorians with a home-style meal prepared with traditional recipes and local ingredients. Menu includes cod-au-gratin, chowder, cod, salmon, scallops, char, jiggs dinner, and pea soup, accompanied by desserts baked onsite with hand-picked Labrador wildberries like cloudberries, lingonberries, and blueberries.

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