Thrilling Air, Land & Sea Exploration Amidst The North Atlantic!

Newfoundland and Labrador is your premium adventure destination. It is quite euphoric, even primitive being situated on the most eastern edge of North America, a certain spirituality surrounded by our lands and seas.

Here you will witness stunning, pristine natural habitats and one of the last remaining wilderness regions on earth. With the North Atlantic Ocean lapping at its doorstep, NL is home to Iceberg Alley, one of the best spots on the planet for viewing these 10,000-year-old frosty giants.

NL’s climate and location also support a diverse wildlife and rich ecosystem. Just off its coast, the cool Labrador Current and warm Gulf Stream meet to create an abundance of marine life which attracts thousands of whales (22 species) and 35 million seabirds (including gannets, kittiwakes, puffins, falcons, hawks, and bald eagles).

NL’s vast landscape is equally breathtaking and varied including 29,000 km (18,020 miles) of rugged coastline, arctic tundra, majestic mountains, massive wetlands and lakes and lush boreal forests. NL is home to four National Parks, 18 wilderness and ecological reserves, and breathtaking botanical gardens.

Scientists and rock hounds the world over are also drawn to NL’s ancient, world-class geology and ecology. With early life formation (dating between 500 million and 1.2 billion years ago), 3.9 billion-year-old rocks – some of the oldest on earth, continental fault lines, exotic plant species and ancient seas, why wouldn’t they?

NL is quickly establishing itself as Canada’s next great winter destination too. The region is a true wonderland, receiving an over-abundance of the white stuff (average snowfalls of 16 feet in some areas). Adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts alike are increasingly availing themselves of NL’s marvelous ski slopes and growing winter festival scene.

In NL, countless thrilling activities exist for your physical rush and educational engagement!

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