How It Works

cropped-enl-logo-transparent31.pngExperience NL is a boutique experiential (experience-based) travel agency located in beautiful, historic Renews, Newfoundland. 

Experience NL is responsive to the modern, self-guided traveler with diverse interests because they live by the principle “we are all unique, we all enjoy different things and our travels should reflect it”.

Experience NL only designs compelling NL holiday packages, itineraries that go beyond routine to connect you with NL’s heart and soul, so you truly experience what life is really like here. 

Experience NL is transforming how visitors experience the province by putting travel back in the hands of the traveler. Hence, you come away with the vacation of a lifetime and not just pretty pictures.

Planning For You

Experience NL goes that extra mile to meet your unique expectations, interests, and values.

At the heart of their travel design and planning services are:

3 Signature NL Experiences




From here, Experience NL works hard to provide you with authentic and engaging experiences like Geology, Ecology, Foodie, History, Retreats, Arts, Holistic, and much more.

Each itinerary is personally crafted, fully customized, and comes in both manual (paper) and electronic (PDF) format, including web links and GPS coordinates to all your travel resources and points of interest.

Above all, Experience NL employs a Client Co-Design approach to the travel planning process, so you take part in customizing your very own package.

To gain an intimate understanding of your travel wants and needs, Experience NL administers a brief assessment that takes no more than 15-20 minutes of your time. Here they collect your lifestyle metrics (values and interests) to develop your very own ‘holiday snapshot’.

Note It is recommended you complete your assessment no less than 6 weeks before your arrival date to maximize Experience NL’s planning capabilities.

What Is Experiential Travel?

Experiential Travel…

  • connects you to the heart of a destination: the sights, sounds, smells, food, its people, their way of life, and culture.
  • utilizes all five of your senses and resonates with you on an emotional, spiritual, and intellectual level.
  • is about blending in and really feeling a place. Staying at locally owned accommodations, eating authentic cuisine, having local, knowledgeable guides, and attending community events and festivals.

What This Means For You

It Means…

  • ‘beaten’ and ‘off the beaten’ paths for authentic cultural and natural connections.
  • enriching and fulfilling experiences for personal meaning and discovery. 
  • connecting with interesting Newfoundlanders and Labradorians doing interesting things. 

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