“Endearing Journeys That Authentically Showcase The Stories & Its Peoples — Past & Present”

NL is a world-class locale for your authentic and enriching heritage travel experience. We are an ole-world, enclave on the remote, eastern fringes of North America with centuries of tradition, developed in relative isolation from the ‘mainland’ continent .

NL’s cultural tapestry is unique and mixed, a vibrant collage of peoples including Acadian, Breton, Basque, British Isles, French, and Indigenous (Innu, Inuit, Métis and Mi’kmaq).

On your journey here, you will be authentically charmed by its colourful residents and their warm, welcoming ways. This is a land and sea of fishers, hunters, miners, and loggers after-all. You will hear our countless dialects and make deep connections with ‘Townies’ and ‘Baymen’ for captivating, lasting memories.

NL is well known for its creativity too, boasting exceptional architecture and artisans, acclaimed festivals and theatrical productions, and of course its bustling music scene (rooted primarily in the British Isles but with its own uniquely evolved sound).

NL’s proud histories are on display here as well including viking huts, archaeological sites, ancient indigenous burial grounds and world-class museums and interpretive sites. Along the way, you will step back in time to a foreign land of explorers, harvesters, pirates, nomadic tribes, and plunderers.

On the foodie side, plenty of fresh, delicious and authentic culinary options await you from exotic and inventive to traditional and contemporary. There are recipes here you have definitely never heard of with names you surely won’t forget. Dishes like cod tongues, pitsik, flippers, brewis, toutons, figgy duff, and bakeapple.

Seafood (cod, lobster, salmon, scallops, and seal) and wild game (moose and rabbit) are local favourites here. Wild berries and locally farmed, cold-climate root vegetables often round out the culinary experience.

In NL, limitless opportunities exist to immerse yourself in its rich history, heritage and culture.

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