Our Travel Story

As incurable travelers ourselves (18 countries visited), we seek out more satisfying, rewarding experiences that enrich us and improve the way we connect with the world.


Our own travel expectations and experiences have played a major role behind Experience NL. We believe travel should be about experiencing, feeling and valuing your journey not just visiting a destination.

The internet, for example, has opened many travel options but countless barriers too, including loss of personalized service, repetitive itineraries, and far too often, excessive prices.

Unfortunately, the ability to find your exceptional travel experience over generic, pre-packaged ones is becoming increasingly difficult. Thus, taking away the fun of truly experiencing and understanding a place.

While technology is changing the way we travel, this too remains an extremely disjointed experience. As travelers, we still use multiple service providers at different junctions along our journey. The reality is that travelers expect, but too little receive, that remarkable, flawless travel experience.