Mission Statement

To build knowledge and resources to connect travelers with heartfelt, genuine holiday experiences.


To be the most respected travel planner for the region through unique products that inspire travelers.

Core Values

Client First

We establish excellent relationships with our clients to develop an intimate understanding of their travel needs, however diverse, in order to build our business, brand, and loyalty.

Commitment To Excellence

Experience NL follows the principles of superior service to always achieve improvement in everything we do. 

Thus, whatever level of performance achieved today, we know we can, and must, exceed it tomorrow. 

Moreover, we provide outstanding products and service that, together, deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Good Citizenship & Sustainability

Environmental conservation and heritage preservation are at the heart of Experience NL. 

Accordingly, we seek to provide services and collaborate with industry partners to deliver the most responsible sustainable and green travel practices wherever possible. 

We’re proud of our strong values towards sustainability and responsible tourism.


Travel and tourism is constantly changing. We never stand still and we are never complacent. 

Therefore, we must always embrace practical, can-do solutions to make travel more efficient, effective and accommodating. 

By being a step ahead, we help our clients meet their changing needs and achieve their travel goals.


We are loyal and experienced employees who take pride in everything we do and provide enthusiasm about NL in respect to social, cultural and physical environments.

Honest & Integrity

This is not simply a business venture, but a personal investment because as proud Newfoundlanders, our personal integrity is at the forefront. 

We believe in honesty and openness to develop close, mutually productive relationships with our suppliers and service providers. 

Our relationships are strong because they are built on trust, confidence and mutual respect. 

As a result, we work with those associates in ways that are good for their business, for Experience NL, but, above all, for our clients.