Whether it’s relaxing excursions or more active fit travel you seek, NL’s stunning, rugged terrain, endless coastlines and fresh sea salt air alone will invigorate your spirit and re-energize your body. 

NL is the most sparsely populated province (1.4 people/km2 [0.54 people/miles2]) in all of Canada. Pretty amazing considering Canada is the second largest country on the planet! 

The province is truly inundated with historic towns and quaint fishing villages nestled along pristine isolated coves, inlets, bays, guts, tickles, and fjords. 

Relaxation, enlightenment, and tranquility are at every stage of your journey here.

Fused with a more traditional, slower pace of life, NL is that ideal mix for you to embrace life balance, personal sense of well-being and physical health.

Taking time out from the rigors of daily life are what holidays are all about and here in NL you’ll experience that life-enriching one! 

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