Experience NL is a full-service, experiential travel agency located in beautiful Bay Roberts, Newfoundland. We are responsive to modern, discerning, and self-guided travelers with eclectic interests.

We live by the principle “we are all unique, we all enjoy different things and our travels should reflect as such”. 

We believe in designing exceptional, highly personalized itineraries that go beyond the routine so visitors connect deeply to the essence of NL. This way one comes away with an experience of a lifetime, not just some pretty pictures.

At the core of our travel planning services are our three signature NL experiences


Thrilling land and sea adventures amidst the North Atlantic!

Living Heritage 

Endearing journeys that authentically present the stories and its people, past and present!


Spectacular getaways that maintain and enhance healthy, balanced lifestyles!

Our endeavor is to give you authentic and engaging experiences in a wide range of interests including


Ecology Romance




History Archaeology


and much much more!


Experiential travel is about connecting to the heart of a destination, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the food, the people, their way of life and culture.

Experiential travel is about blending in and really feeling a place, staying at locally owned and operated accommodations, eating in restaurants frequented by locals, having local guides, attending community festivals and more.

Experiential travel utilizes all five of your senses and resonates with you on an emotional, spiritual and intellectual level.


It means personalized, ‘beaten’ and ‘off the beaten’ tourist paths and authentic cultural and natural connections. It means enriching and fulfilling experiences for personal meaning and sense of discovery. 


Our own travel expectations and experiences have played a major role behind Experience NL. We believe travel should be about experiencing, feeling and valuing your journey not just visiting a destination. 

Unfortunately, the ability to find exceptional travel experiences over generic, pre-packaged ones is becoming increasingly difficult. Thus, taking away the fun of truly experiencing and understanding a place.

The internet, for example, has opened many travel options but countless barriers too, including loss of personalized service, repetitive itineraries, and often exorbitant prices. 

While technology is changing the way we travel, this too remains an extremely disjointed experience. As travelers, we still use multiple service providers at different junctions along our journey. The reality is travelers expect, but too little receive, that remarkable, seamless travel experience.

The Team

We are Matthew Barrett (left) and John Keough (right), two immensely proud Newfoundlanders behind Experience NL.

NL’s a natural, cultural and historical gem and we’re passionate about showcasing this exceptional corner of North America!



As incurable travelers ourselves (18 countries visited combined), we seek out more indulging, rewarding experiences that enrich us and improve the way we connect with the world.



Owner & Experiential Travel Consultant

Hi! I am John, born and raised in the bedroom community of Paradise, a short driving distance from our capital city St. John’s.

I am a graduate from Dalhousie University and Saint Mary’s University with a B.A. (Political Science) and M.B.A. (Management and Taxation) respectively. 

After several years in public-sector roles with federal and provincial governments including accountancy and public policy, I decided to put my research, communication and information management skills toward my true passion – NL travel and tourism!

I love nature and history of all kinds and am particularly passionate about heritage preservation and sustainable tourism. 

I am an avid traveler who has visited more than a dozen European countries, Mexico, the Continental United States and every region of Canada with the exception of the northern territories. 


Experiential Travel Consultant

Hey there! I am Matt, born and raised in the small outport community of Arnold’s Cove located on the isthmus connecting the Avalon Peninsula to the remainder of Newfoundland.

I am a graduate of the Tourism Careers for Youth Program from Niagara College.

I have worked extensively as a host and server, first at Sheraton Niagara Falls followed by Sheraton Winnipeg. 

I am an animal lover, an adventure seeker, and a foodie fanatic. 

I love international travel and have trekked throughout Western, Central and Eastern Europe including Romania, Ireland, Hungary, Italy, and Poland to name a few.

My passion for NL is unbounded!